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uPVC Pipes

Explore the resilience and dependability of uPVC pipes: fashioned from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, these are corrosion-resistant and excel in pressure piping, plumbing, borehole casings, and cable ducts, ensuring enduring performance with minimal upkeep.

With a diameter range extending up to 500mm, uPVC pipes cater to diverse applications, from commercial irrigation to rural gravity schemes, facilitating the conveyance of both raw and treated water. Invest in reliability for critical sectors with uPVC pipes, designed to meet your project's longevity and lowest running cost & minimal maintenance needs.

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mPVC Pipes

This product is ideally suited to both pumping and gravity designs. The inclusion of a toughness agent to the PVC mix enhances the resistance to impacts, shocks and cracks, thereby creating an mPVC pipe which is more ductile than an equivalent uPVC pipe. These additional properties allow mPVC pipes to be a thinner, lighter and cost effective option over uPVC pipes of the same pressure rating.

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Irrigation in the field with mPVC pipes
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uPVC Casings

Discover the enduring reliability of FLOWTECH's uPVC Casings, engineered for diverse underground borehole drilling applications. Meticulously manufactured from premium-grade virgin uPVC compound, our casings boast impeccable leak-proof design, effortless installation, and formidable resistance to corrosion.

Available in a range of sizes and dimensions aligned with industry standards, our Casings guarantee dimensional precision, facilitating seamless integration into any project. Featuring trapezoidal threads on belled and flushed ends, alongside traditional solvent joints, our Casings offer unparalleled versatility and ease of use.

Experience the hallmark of quality with FLOWTECH's Casings, trusted and embraced across the SADC region for their consistent performance and durability.

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HDPE Pipes

FLOWTECH’s HDPE pipes conform to the MS 374 standards established by the Malawi Bureau of Standards, which are identical to ISO 4427 specifications. Engineered from 100% virgin grade HDPE PE100 polymer, our HDPE pipes epitomize exceptional durability, promising an extensive lifespan surpassing 80 to 100 years under standard operating conditions.

With a comprehensive range of sizes from 20mm to 110mm OD and pressure ratings ranging from 6 Bars to 20 Bars, our HDPE Pipes and Fittings are gaining rapid traction across commercial and social service sectors. Their widespread acceptance and utilization underscore their reliability and adaptability to diverse applications.

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Irrigation in the field with HDPE pipes
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PPR Pipes

PPR Pipes are ideal solutions widely employed in household, construction, and compressed air systems. These pipes offer numerous advantages over traditional galvanized pipes, including cost-effectiveness, enhanced durability, and simplified installation processes.

Our PPR pipes come in sizes ranging from 20mm to 50mm, catering to a wide array of piping needs. With their ability to seamlessly handle both hot and cold water applications, PPR pipes stand out as the preferred choice for various domestic and commercial plumbing requirements.

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LDPE Pipes

LDPE pipes are highly flexible for both domestic and commercial irrigation applications. These pipes are used with full flow and nylon insert fittings like couplings, elbows, tees and adaptors. The Pipe is measured internally as opposed to HDPE which is normally measured by the outside diameter.

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