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Explore our diverse range of fittings and accessories meticulously crafted for optimal functionality, durability, and affordability.
Flowtech white pipe fittings
HDPE fittings for Flowtech

HDPE Fittings

Flowtech supplies a wide range of high-grade PP compression fittings for HDPE pipes used in irrigation and drinking water systems for jointing. Our compression fittings are designed to industrial quality standards and are suitable for withstanding heavy loads.

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PVC Fittings for Flowtech

PVC Fittings

Our PVC Fittings are sun resistant by UV stabilization and adequately robust with proven durability.

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PPR Fittings for Flowtech

PPR Fittings

Flowtech’s PPR fittings are a perfect fit for hot & cold-water applications which provide a hindrance-free flow, contributing to modern buildings’ improved energy efficiency.

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Soft Soap

An ideal lubricant for installing rubber ring jointed PVC pipes for plumbing and irrigation.

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Soft Soap for Flowtech

Solvent Cement

Flowtech’s in-house PVC Solvent Cement is compliant to Malawi Bureau of Standard MS 88. A key component for jointing PVC pipes, fittings and associated accessories.

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Solvent Cement for Flowtech

Afridev Hand Pumps

High quality Hand Pumps to complement Flowtech’s PVC Casings & Risers for the water drilling segment.

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Afridev Hand Pump

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